Viktoria Conzelmann

Schwarzer Fels

Because my background is in photography, I draw a lot of my inspiration from books and films. The feelings they leave me with or the images they evoke in my head I often intertwine with the reality around me.

I came to Rävemåla to build a black, quartz-concrete rock. A foundling of some strange kind. A misfit in the landscape. Do you remember the black monolith from Stanley Kubricks „A Space Oddissey“? Have you read Johannes Keplers novel „Somnium“? These works left me with a mystic and utopian, a magic feeling – and with this very feeling, along with a bunch of photographs I had been collecting on a 400km walk through the Scottish Highlands, I started work at the red house.

Having walked the barren hills of the Scottish Highlands, the flat and green Swedish landscape took me by surprise: Sweden appeared to me as if stones had rained down on it one long time ago. Besides the solitude and tranquility of the red house, it was this impression that made Rävemåla an awesome place to work on the black rock. Stones had obviously fallen from the sky around us.

Perhaps it was due to the simple lifestyle we led and the creative spirit of decades being felt throughout the house that I was especially receptive for the tiny and indeed magic features Rävemåla had to offer. I am very happy to be able to share them with you today.