River Tillotson

Inspired by Kashmir Namda

Being able to stay in my house in the Netherlands and move freely through Europe is a privilege that I may be about loose due to Brexit. I would like to use the possibility of this residency to create a work that reflects on the nomadic history of wool felting, freedom of movement and human connection.

With a selection of Dutch wool that I have collected for the insulation of my house, I would like to hand felt one rug for your house. Once the rug has been formed in the Netherlands, I will begin to carry it with me when I travel. When I meet people within my town, while hitchhiking and during the residency in your town, I'll ask them if they would like to contribute to the rugs visual story in various ways. This will be the rug that remains in Sweden.

While traveling through Sweden I'll find a shepherd and ask for raw wool that can be felted into a new rug during the residency. It will go through the same procedure in reverse. And I'll bring it home to The Netherlands.