A centre on the periphery

The periphery in centre

"The centre starts where you measure from."

By encouraging experimentation, as a process based residency outside of the academy and the urban, we are looking at enabling for the artist to use the residency to think of questions such as:

How can rural development be part in the contemporary art practise? /
How can the contemporary art practise be part in rural development?

Is it possible to bridge an urban/rural divide?

How can you combine contemporary art or progressive ideas with local experience?

How to apply

OPEN CALL 2020 is here!

Please be as clear as possible in your application to make the process as good as possible for everyone involved. If you ahve any questions send us a line on email, instagram or facebook, and we will try to answer as soon as we can. 

If your work is depending on staying at the residency during other months than offered for 2020, this is of course still a possibility, but it would be associated with a cost for accommodation and administration, but we welcome your inquiry of course. Our goal is that the house shall live the greatest life it can. So feel free to email us with an inquiry if so, and otherwise we hope to see your application for the Open Call. 

Information about the application process:

The rural location as well as the size of the house mean group and family applications are welcome and encouraged. Please state your group/family size on the application form. If applying as a solo artist you might be paired with another applicant and share communal spaces and chores during the residency. The house is big enough to share :)

Artists are invited to adopt their practise to the conditions of the house, and use the house surroundings as an art environment during their residency stay. For questions about the programme or the submission process please contact: info@ravemalaresidency.com


The RRP is open to any and all creative disciplines, applicants are asked to specify their exact requirements for a project as well as time needed.

The RRP is open to both individuals and larger groups of people. The location and setting of the house would also suit a family’s needs.

If chosen as a solo artist, you can get paired with another solo artist with a mutual responsibility of the communal spaces.

Guests are invited to stay for one month, however if a particular project requires more (or less) time, this will also be considered.

Applicants are invited to apply with future projects as current applications will be re-considered in coming years of the residency.

Materials, tools and resources are provided as far as possible. It may not be possible to cover the costs of all materials needed, the final terms of what is to be provided will be agreed before the residency begins.

Guests are asked to consider and support the local area, giving back to the house and locality wherever possible.

Each artist is asked to donate something at the end of their residency. In doing so, the house evolves with each resident’s stay and reflects those who have stayed in it. This ‘donation’ could be in terms of something tangible such as a painting, or piece of music but for artists working in less defined disciplines, we are very open to what this contribution could entail. (Talks and interactions with local museums, galleries or other cultural groups would also be very welcome in this instance).

The RRP provides a unique opportunity for visitors to really immerse themselves in Scandinavian culture and ways of living. Applicants will be asked why this particularly resonates with them and those with a particular cultural affinity or goal will be favoured. 

 Applicants to the RRP accept that their email will be used in future mailings about the RRP and other relevant projects.