Mission Statement

This is us

Rävemåla Residency Programme wants to remain open to all artistic disciplines, with the idea that art transcends an immediate definition of a specific practice and to maintain a conversation between urban and rural practises with the idea of that art shouldn’t be a city-restricted practise. Time and space has become a commodity in the city, and at the same time it is what the rural areas has a great capital of. We aim to explore this relation, and experiment with the ideas of what can be created if the right setting is provided. Art is not for artspaces, art is for society. 

Experimental house

Red barns and warehouses

We started out as, and are still, and experimental artist residency in the middle of the forrest in southern Sweden.

As time and space is becoming a commodity in the city, it is also what we find more and more on the countryside, the red barns and houses of Sweden are becoming the new warehouses of the city.

Artists are drawn or sometimes forced to explore the countryside to enable for their own practise as the bigger cities are becoming less hospitable for as an artist environment.

Through this at the same time, the urban areas are seeing more and more initiatives for urban farming or agricultural practises. Often the urban areas sits on fertile grounds deep beneath all the asphalt, with the reason the city was brought there in the first place, and with the rising of pesticides and insects disappearing in the more rural areas, cities might be necessity for the future a sustainable agriculture.

Within this we would like to position ourselves as experimental place, bridging the gap of conversation that we believe is needed between the city and the countryside. 



The members of

Rävemåla Collective

The Rävemåla Residency Programme is run by an international collective of passionate people interested in securing a sustainable new future for the space. Through the residency programme we aim to help others experience a little bit of the house's magic, as well as flood the local area with new artistic influences.

Sixten Sanne (SWE)
Co-Founder / Artistic director
Sixten is one of the co-founders, and the artistic directors of Rävemåla Residency, pushing the programme forward and as a kid he used to spend his summers in the house, he still does. 
You can find more information about Sixten's own work here.

Sara Woodgate (U.K)
Co-Founder / Project manager
Sara is the project manager for the programme, and also one of the co-founders, making sure that we can operate at a good pace, and working with solar power, she is a strong voice in our sustainability vision.

Kate Lewin (U.K)
Content Manager
Kate Lewin is our content manager, or wizard at she would like to call it, making sure that the words you get from us are magical. She works as a journalist and writer, i.e for various food blogs and magazines in Europe, and aims to exit brexit.
You can find more information about Kate's own work here.

Vincent Dombrowski (DE)
Seo Manager / Bookkeeper
Vincent is our bookkeeper and SEO manager for the organisation, and second to Sixten, the one who knows the house the best after 5 consecutive summers on site.


Honorary members


Linus Dahl
Web design / Front end developer
Linus is our web wizard, working freelance with us, and helping us out with any issue related to the "internet" . Based in Gothenburg, but raised in Småland, our world wide local host.

Maja-Lisa Bekken
Maja-Lisa has created all the illustrations for our media. It started 2 summers ago when she painted our logo on a white bedsheet, turning it into a flag when visiting house. We still use the flag, and our logo of course.
You can find more information about Maja-Lisa's own work here

Honorary members / Real founders

Bodil Göransson
Artist / House owner
Bodil, is the residency's real co-founder, and she continues to assist with the residency project today. She will always have the last word in any decision regarding the space. Without her, none of this would happen. 

Johan Sanne
Journalist / House owner
Johan Sanne, who became the house's first artist-in-residence when he bought it many decades ago, subsequently creating the space which enables all of this to be possible today. He was the first one with a vision for the house, using it as a writers get away and planting the seeds for the fruits we have now in the garden. 



In conversation with



We are happy to be part of New Smålands attempt to formulate long-term relationships, encourage experimentation and create conditions for critical and cultural sustainability. 


Kalmar konstmuseum is our steady conversation partner in how to work creatively in the region, thank you for your help and your work!