The doors open for

The red house in the forest.

Hello world,
Things are a little bit different at our house for now, things are a little bit different for the future... 

We have been closed to applicants for the past two years, but are glad to once again open the doors for applicants from all corners of the world! We accept applications, but the answering time might be a bit longer, and the applications must have, or apply for, their own funding - as we for now won't host any open calls. 

As the residency hosts various artists and projects, our offer and fee for your stay will differ depending on the work and the stay. When your project is accepted we'll go through it together to find a way that works well for everyone. We're not doing this for profit. It's rather a way to be able to continue to offer the house to artists, as it has been offered in various forms since the 70's, and for it to be offered again and again in the future to come... 

Sixten Sanne

Caretaker & Co-Founder 
Rävemåla Residency Programme



Here's what we do

The programme

The Rävemåla Residency Programme is an artist-in-residency programme located in the rural Swedish countryside. Life is a little bit different at our house, we're tucked away from asphalt roads and noise pollution, but still less than an hour away from the historic city of Kalmar and the Baltic Sea. Surrounding us you'll find forests, lakes, rivers and beautiful rural scenescapes through which we offer our residents the unique proposal of time, space and materials with which they can realise a specific artistic project.