Theresa Grieben

Illustrated Bicycle Map of Rävemåla, Sweden

Since I’m a traveler and map maker I have naturally pursued that interest during my one month stay stay at Rävemåla Artist Residency. For my main art project – an illustrated bicycle map of Rävemåla – I’ve been immersing myself into exploring the countryside and nature around Rävemåla and Ålem, sometimes by foot, but most importantly by bicycle, the perfect mode of transportation around the area.

With the old green army bicycle that I found in the backyard of the residency I went through farmlands, pine forests, country roads, villages like Timmernabben, Pataholm and Mönsterås town, along Alsterå river and out onto the peninsula of Oknö and Lövö in the Kalmar Strait. As a result I have illustrated my own personal bicycle map of all my discoveries with hand drawn icons and annotations.

The individual map is supposed to be a guide for daytrips starting from the Residency with a maximum distance of 15 km. It shows possible points along the way, while the legend gives handwritten tips and practical explanations of shortcuts and highlights. The illustrated map mirrors my artistic and explorative experience and is at the same time my donation to the house. I have printed it as a large poster which is to be hung at the Artist Residency, so future residents can benefit from it for their own explorations around Rävemåla.

I’m also offering the map in my online shop as a print for people who would like to buy it.

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