The red house in the middle of the forest

Rävemåla Residency Programme 2019

We provide the space. You create the magic. 


Whispers from the forrest

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Finally we can release the Open Call for 2019!



We are invited by New Småland to a two-day international retreat in Mariannelund where we will be discussing methodology and exploring the potentials, challenges and formats of artistic programming in places that are “off the radar” or can be hard to access.


We can't wait!

Feeder 02/SWE - Rafal Zapala

Feeder 02/SWE is a soundsculpture, that functions as a regular bird's feeder. The inspiration of the work is drawn from Timothy Morton's "dark ecology" ideas which claim that separation of nature and technology is a false, anthropocentric concept. Technology is a part of nature, humanity is a product of it with our whole culture, our tools and ideas.

Here's what we do

The programme

The Rävemåla Residency Programme is an artist-in-residency programme located in the rural Swedish countryside. Life is a little bit different at our house, we're tucked away from asphalt roads and noise pollution, but still less than an hour away from the historic city of Kalmar and the Baltic Sea. Surrounding us you'll find forests, lakes, rivers and beautiful rural scenescapes through which we offer our residents the unique proposal of time, space and materials with which they can realise a specific artistic project.

2017 residency

The Fellows

Meet some of the very wonderful people who have stepped through our residency's doors...

Our local partner

Ålems Sparbank

We are thrilled to announce our partner Ålems Sparbank has decided to support us yet another year - a neighbour both physically and in terms of shared ideas and mindset.

Ålems Sparbank has been supporting local organisations for a long time and this year, thanks to the bank's generous help, we'll be able to manage our residency programme upkeep and host one artist's grant. You can read all about the Ålems Sparbank's wonderful contributions to local life here

We hope this will be a long and happy friendship :)